Dentistry and Medicine MMI Training

4 hours £385

For MMI interview preparation I offer a four-hour package, over three sessions, in which I will help you to prepare for the different “stations”, including role play and ethical dilemmas.

My training is focused on getting an offer from your chosen university for your chosen course. I tailor my sessions to you, and we will work together to give you the insight and skills you need to secure the outcome you want.

The training includes:

  • Identify your challenges: nerves? Losing your train of thought? No idea where to start? Once we’ve established the areas that need strengthening, you will learn the strategies to overcome them.
  • Preparation: give yourself the best start by learning how to prepare fully for your interview, whether its online or in-person. Body language; voice; first impressions – you’ll equip yourself with the tools you need.
  • Confidence: the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication – I’ll give you the skills you need to present yourself confidently, whether it’s a panel interview or group.
  • Content: how to prepare for the different “stations”, including role play and ethical scenarios.  Identify the language you need to use and the stories you need to tell to convey your passion for the course, motivation to study, experience and self-awareness.
  • Practise: we’ll run a mock MMI interview, specific to your course, so you get to practise answering on the spot, challenging questions and receive expert feedback on how to demonstrate independent thought and intellectual curiosity.

Here is why I contacted Anna for interview coaching and why YOU should also.

I have just heard that I have been successful in my interview. This was no ordinary interview because it has only a 2% chance of success using official statistics.

In other words 98% get rejected amongst the strongest candidates in the country.

I contacted Anna with only limited time before the interview and she expediently formulated an action plan with me. Even from the first two sessions my confidence had increased and all nerves had dissipated.

After further sessions, I was fully ready and Anna even called me the day before for last minute pointers and to wish me well.
I smashed the interview! …… Anna was amazing throughout.

I would recommend her to anybody who has an important interview coming.

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“You worked miracles! He came away with so much enthusiasm and confidence, a better understanding of what the process involves, and he’s secured offers from his top three unis (so far!).  I will absolutely refer your name to others”