Frequently Asked Questions

What does the training entail?

My training is results driven: at the start of our session, we will establish what we want our outcomes to be, and identify your barriers that have held you back thus far.

Whether it’s interview training or presentation skills, my mission is the same: I’ll work with you to feel confident enough to present a relaxed, confident version of yourself, teaching you the skills you need to make a connection with your listener and inspire them to act.

Throughout your session, you will build on your understanding of how we use our voice and body to communicate, including non-verbal communication and feeling comfortable while speaking.

I weave into this the strategies you need for structuring a brilliant presentation, or an effective and memorable performance in interviews. You’ll receive honest feedback as you test your new strategies out. This feedback is invaluable: how often do you receive genuine, constructive advice? You’ll learn how to speak persuasively, how to make sure your audience not only identifies with you but that you have identified your audience’s challenges, and how to land your message clearly, concisely and with a strong call to action.

My training is  fun and active: I have many, many years of experience to teach me that we learn best through doing. My training is insightful: I’m not interested in giving you “hints and tips”, but in creating lifelong learning which you will take with you as you grow throughout your career.

How many people will be there?

Depending on your preference, I can work with you 1:1, or in a group. I won’t go above six in a group as I like to make sure we have plenty of time to concentrate on each person and their journey to becoming a brilliant public speaker. Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.

Is the training online or in-person?

Entirely up to you. Some people prefer in-person training and others, for logistical reasons, prefer online. Both are effective and achieve the same, brilliant results. If you’d like in-person training, at your office or in a location convenient to you, please get in touch to check that you’re in an area I cover.

What do I need to wear?

Just wear something you’re comfortable in. I’d advise against really high heels or very restrictive clothing, as we want to be able to move freely and comfortably (a lot of my clients end up kicking their shoes off as they get into it!). Having said that, if you’re someone who dresses to the nines every day in killer heels or a three piece suit, and would feel out of place in anything else, then that’s fine too. I want you to come as yourself, and feel confident and relaxed.

Do I need to prepare anything?

I ask my clients to prepare a short speech they’ve written – it really doesn’t need to be any longer than four or five minutes. This is just to give us something to work with, so please don’t worry too much about making it perfect. Some clients bring an actual presentation they’re working on, others bring something completely unrelated to work, it’s just a subject they’re interested in.


I hate things like this! Will it be painful??

I promise you I have no desire to make people squirm. I know this sort of training can make some people feel uncomfortable, but I’ve got a lot of experience in putting people at ease and I know you will enjoy your session! Everything we do will be purposeful, and you’ll spend our time together adding to your toolbox of skills, which you can pull out every time you need to speak publicly in the future.

I will not make you do anything you don’t want to do, and it’s not in my interests to make anyone look or feel silly. I promise I will put you at ease, and you’ll learn a huge amount in a really safe environment.

Can you adapt the workshop to my/my business needs?

Yes. I spend a great deal of time before our session understanding your challenges and what you want to get out of the day. My objective is to make you a brilliant speaker, and we will keep that goal front and centre throughout the training.

If I’m working with your company, I’ll take the time before our workshop to get to know your business and industry, your team’s strengths or challenges, and how your company works.

Can you work with me or my company on a longer-term initiative?

I can develop, with you, a course of workshops designed to grow your team’s communication and presentation skills. I’ll meet with you to discuss your requirements and create a programme based on your objectives.

For my 1:1 clients, I can either work on a specific upcoming project, such as a big presentation or a interview, or we can have regular sessions to help with all round communication and public speaking skills. You can book in with me for as many or as few sessions as you like; I won’t tie you down to a package.


Are there physical restrictions?

Absolutely not. My training is bespoke; it’s tailored to the people in the room that day. Every session is different according to the needs and challenges of each individual, and I welcome anyone who is up for getting involved! Just let me know of any mobility challenges so that we can make sure that there is appropriate access to the venue.

Why should I train with you?

I have the knowledge and passion for getting alongside you and helping you grow into a brilliant speaker. I have a performance background, with many years of training and experience in telling a story and moving people. I know how important it is to really connect with your audience, and to deliver your message straight to their heads and their hearts.

Business is changing. It’s not just about numbers and data: it’s about people. It’s about celebrating individuality, and building great, personal relationships. These relationships are what get me up in the morning, and I absolutely love nurturing the spark in every person and seeing where I can take them.

My training is designed to take your public speaking to the next level, but the skills you learn will help you in so many areas of your life. After all, communication is the key to everything we do.

Look at the testimonials from my clients. You’ll get a taste of the impact I will have on you, your business, and your life. You’ll come out of my training walking taller, feeling great, and in the knowledge that you can do anything.

Get in touch, and start your journey to becoming the speaker you’ve always wanted to be.