Understand the preparation required to secure your next role, by learning to:

  • Identify your weaknesses
  • Promote your strengths
  • Overcome nerves and anxiety
  • Use the job spec to research the role and make your answers relevant
  • Develop your answers fully, with clarity and depth
  • Answer different types of questions effectively and authentically
  • Know the language you need to be using to show you’re the right fit
  • Present yourself with confidence, using verbal and non-verbal
  • Review your own videoed performance
  • Practise answering on the spot, challenging interview questions, specific to your role, in a mock interview, and receive expert feedback on how to improve
  • Stand out from the competition


My training is results-driven, and I take time to get to know you, the role, and the company you’re interviewing for so that we are clear about our objectives and focused on securing the role.

Once you’ve learned the skills, you’ll know how to prepare for every interview you ever have, for the rest of your career.

4 Hours spread over three sessions, £385

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“I can wholeheartedly recommend Anna’s interview training. The tips and skills I learned were essential for building my confidence during job interviews and were key to successfully securing a job offer after a 5 stage interview process.

Anna has great energy, is very patient, and is genuinely committed to ensuring her client’s success, I couldn’t wait to tell her when I got the job!”


Cintia Torresan

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager (EMEA), TikTok/ByteDance