Great session.  Anna is an impressive and engaging coach who holds the ability to unlock individual emotions and build them back up with clear & positive steps of support.  Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their personal style and engagement.

Chris Wallace

MD, QBE Insurance Group

“Anna massively helped me with really useful techniques for coping with my anxiety and nerves about public speaking. She got straight to the heart of the issue in no time at all, and gave me some simple but effective skills to help me with my preparation and delivery. What she managed to get done in our session was incredible!”

James Lister

Partner, Head of Private Wealth Disputes, Stevens & Bolton LLP

Anna is a brilliant and gifted people person who knows how to help people unearth their own strengths and confidently get them across to others. Anna helped me prepare for a job interview that I was feeling very nervous about.

Anna immediately made me feel relaxed, with her open manner and great sense of humour. She helped me to dig into the role I was interviewing for and how to accentuate the points I felt were most relevant. She also went through lots of tips & tricks around interviewing, taking a breath, slowing speech, and body language, things I would never have thought of!

I highly recommend Anna for anything related to public speaking or interviewing, she has a genuine superpower.

Michelle B

via Google

“Anna has that incredible ability to introduce and walk you to the power of the story telling. Giving you all the tools to develop the skills to connect and understand your inner self, find your voice, communicate, and transmit your story, whether business idea, or a presentation, a podcast interview, or just a toast in your brother’s wedding.”

Bernard Granados

Co-founder and Product Innovation Strategist

“The public speaking training Anna provided was invaluable to me. She has a wonderful way of making you feel relaxed and confident. The morning spent with Anna was fun, engaging and full of really useful and bespoke guidance and training. She is very good at what she does!”

Eleanor Ludlam

Senior Associate, DAC Beachcroft LLP

My session with Anna was incredibly useful. I do a lot of public speaking and she helped me with getting my nerves under control and managing my anxiety. I was really impressed with how quickly she got to the heart of the issue and got us focussed on fixing it.

James L

via Google

“The candidates I’ve introduced to Anna have all shown a dramatic improvement in their interview performance and gone on to secure roles in their subsequent interviews. I continue to recommend her to anyone who is struggling with interviews – I see first-hand the impact her training has.”


Recruitment Consultant

“I was getting so flustered in my presentations I was letting myself down. I know now that I was approaching it all wrong; that the content is as important as the delivery. Anna has taught me the recipe for a brilliant presentation and now I am really confident in both what I’m saying, and how I’m saying it.”


Account Director

I have known Anna “The Speakers Coach” for several years I can say without any hesitation that she is most professional and capable in developing people to handle public speaking and presentations. Building confidence in whoever she works with and developing abilities to a higher level. If you are nervous or concerned about any element of speaking in public or presenting in any environment this is place to go to deal with any issues.

Richard R

via Google

Anna has recently helped me to secure my dream job! It is a niche role where I was up against many other candidates. I used both her interview skills and presentation skills courses as part of my preparations. Anna tailored her work to both my sector and the exact job description for each session.  She has a unique approach to preparing and helped me to focus on the key areas in terms of content. She also approaches the interview and presentation process from her own unique perspective and she drew upon her skills as an actress to help me portray myself in a confident but relaxed manner.

I came away from my sessions feeling positive and convinced I could demonstrate my skills, which helped me to win over my interviewers. With huge thanks to Anna for the vital help in enabling me to end up in the job I have wanted for many years!


Head Bursar

Here is why I contacted Anna for interview coaching and why YOU should also.

I have just heard that I have been successful in my interview. This was no ordinary interview because it has only a 2% chance of success using official statistics.

In other words 98% get rejected amongst the strongest candidates in the country.

I contacted Anna with only limited time before the interview and she expediently formulated an action plan with me. Even from the first two sessions my confidence had increased and all nerves had dissipated.

After further sessions, I was fully ready and Anna even called me the day before for last minute pointers and to wish me well.
I smashed the interview! …… Anna was amazing throughout.

I would recommend her to anybody who has an important interview coming.

via Google

“Had two sessions with Anna to help my wedding speech at my daughter’s wedding and so glad I did, Anna was fantastic and set me at ease straight away giving me invaluable advice and tips. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions.”

Peter Eason

Managing Director at E.L.B. Partners Ltd

“At first, I was going to turn the opportunity down, but I had your little voice in the back of my head saying, “you can do it!” and it was the push I needed. So, I went for the interview… and I got the job! I want to thank you: if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have gone for it, as I’d have thought I wasn’t good enough. Those thoughts came for a few seconds but I pushed them away. Thank you so much – your sessions have helped me more than you could imagine.”


Care Co-Ordinator

Anna was recommended by my recruiter as they felt I needed a different approach to my job interview prep and presentation.
From a couple of unsuccessful interviews prior to meeting with Anna you begin to question what did I do/say wrong.

From the valuable sessions taught by Anna I was confident and successful within a couple of weeks landing a dream job.

All thanks to Anna!!

Richard C

via Google

“The training session with The Speaker’s Coach was a great boost to the business. Anna’s warm and friendly approach helped us quickly relax and she got the best out of everyone. We took a huge amount from the day and this was a great investment in my business.”

James Cape


“My session with Anna has undoubtedly had a positive impact on my business. I’m converting far more leads because I’m so much better at presenting to potential clients and closing the sale. I know now where I was going wrong, and the skills Anna taught me have given me the confidence to get out there and build great relationships with new contacts”

Katy Jeffcoate

Jeffcoate &Co Ltd

Just listened to her being interviewed on Premier Radio and she’s Great!

Gi A

via Google

“I’d had a few interviews and never got any helpful feedback to tell me why I hadn’t been successful. My training with Anna helped me work out what I was doing wrong and how to overcome my issues – I got the very next role I went for. I’d highly recommend Anna – she gave me honest, insightful feedback and gave me the skills I didn’t even realise I was lacking.”


IT Support Manager