Team Training

You want your team to be brilliant presenters, so that they take every opportunity to inspire and drive change. My training is tailored to your team’s needs, designed to achieve a confident mindset, create brilliant content  and learn essential delivery skills.

I will work with you to ascertain exactly what you want to achieve. Then I’ll work with your team to determine the barriers: what’s holding each individual back from being a brilliant communicator?

Once we’ve established that, I’ll teach the skills they need to overcome their barriers. I’m not about teaching “performance”; I’m about creating authentically confident speakers who connect with their listener and leave their audience in no doubt about their passion and brilliance.

My in-person team training is great for creating a cohesive, collaborative approach to communication. It shows your commitment to your colleagues’ development, and they benefit from learning new skills in a safe, respectful space.  My training is results-driven, with clearly defined objectives based on the desired outcomes we identify before the session.

When you make this investment, every member of your team will leave my training with a “toolbox” of skills, which they’ll be able to use for every presentation they’ll ever do. These will include:

How to develop a confident and authentic physical presence

You know the feeling: you get up in front of people, fear takes over and you stand, rigid, like a bunny in the headlights. What do you do with your hands? Where do you look? Do you stand still or move about? We’ll work on all these elements of body language so that you come across as comfortable, relaxed and genuine. You’ll leave our workshop with new-found skills in how to connect with your audience, build a relationship and land your message, every time.

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Nerves! How to conquer them so that they don’t throw you

Nerves are probably the biggest factor in people’s dread of public speaking. We will work through your nerves; what’s causing them, how they affect us and how to stop them taking over. I’ll teach you the strategies you need to make sure nerves never hold you back.

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Learning how to use your voice to interest, influence and inspire others

We’ve all been there: bored rigid by a monotonous speaker, checking our watches and not listening to a word they’re saying.  If you don’t entertain your audience, you’ll lose them within the first few minutes. Through working with me, you will learn techniques to help you speak confidently, delivering your message in a clear, entertaining and focused presentation that really pops.

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How to write a brilliant presentation

You can be the most charismatic presenter in the world, but if your speech doesn’t have a strong structure and a clear objective, you’re wasting everyone’s time. During our workshop, we will spend time learning what makes a brilliant presentation. You’ll leave with a very clear idea of how to structure your talk and how to make sure it connects with your audience. Never again will you sabotage your potential because you can’t communicate your ideas.

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My training will give your team the skills they need to create and deliver brilliant presentations. Every time.

Full day training. £345 per team member. Maximum 8 people (minimum 3)