I’m in to insightful, outcome-based, bespoke training – I take time to understand your challenges before creating a programme just for you. But there’s no denying there are some fundamental rules that we would all benefit from remembering the next time we get up and present.


…think about your audience before you start to create your presentation. What do they care about? What problem can you solve for them?

…identify the language your listeners use. Using their key phrases and company values will align you with them and build a relationship.

…take time to establish your own connection to your topic. What fires you up?

…practise. Then practise again. And then practise some more.

…remove the stress where you can. Arrive early; check your equipment; know your speech.

…breathe. Lessen the impact of your natural nerves, by using your breath to send a message to your brain that it doesn’t need to panic!


…fall in to the PowerPoint trap. Remember: slides ILLUSTRATE your points, they don’t MAKE your points.

…start by saying, “Hello, my name is John Smith and today I’m going to be talking to you about blahblahblah”. Please. Don’t.

…speak in a monotone. Use your voice as a vocal highlighter to pick out the important phrases.

…stand rigidly fixed to the spot. It’s not natural not to move, and natural is what you want!

…pace the stage. Too much repetitive movement is distracting. Natural, intentional movement and gesture helps us to believe you’re being genuine.

… forget to warm up your voice with some simple vocal exercises – you don’t want to croak your opening line.

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