You may feel like you know what you’re doing when it comes to presenting. You’ve done it for years; you’ve progressed in your career; you’re confident that you’re ticking the boxes.


what if you were even better?

What if you became known for your speaking?

What if you didn’t just do it “well”, but you absolutely set people on fire when they heard you speak, with a burning need to follow your call to action because they’re so inspired by you?

You may just be a few, small changes away from being that person. Just by investing a little time reviewing your style, checking your habits and seeking honest feedback, you can go from basic to brilliant.

Here are some tips to help you get going:

  1. Distil your message. Decide who you’re talking to (how much do they already know?), and what you want them to do because of hearing you speak. Your whole presentation must orbit around this.
  2. Find your passion.Whatever your message is, find your personal connection to it so that you speak from the heart, with energy in your voice and excitement in your eyes.
  3. Be you. We all have people we admire, and it’s fine to aspire to their level of skill. But don’t try to copy them: you are your USP, and your audience won’t trust you if they don’t believe you.
  4. Create memorable moments.I don’t mean you have to pull a rabbit out of a hat or set the stage alight. Startling statistics, powerful images and incredible stories will stay with people and help them remember you.
  5. Check your slides. Less is more – both in terms of words on the slides and the number of slides you’re using. We remember pictures better than words/numbers, so consider this when you craft your presentation.
  6. Fail to prepare = prepare to fail. When you know your subject inside out, you’re less likely to feel nervous, more likely to remember your words and, most importantly, you’ll relax enough to come across as confident and authentic.

Whatever your industry, I’ll tailor my training to you and your needs. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a seasoned pro who wants to move up to the next level in their speaking, I will help you understand what it takes to be a brilliant public speaker. Every time.

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