We’ve all heard, and probably used, the idiom “the best thing since sliced bread”.

The interesting thing about sliced bread is that it was not recognised as..er..the best thing since sliced bread until two years after it was introduced. This game-changer languished on the shelves because, despite it being a brilliant idea, no one had taken the time to communicate the idea effectively to the market.

See where I’m going with this?

Otto Rohwedder invented the world’s first mechanical bread-slicer, and pre-sliced, pre-packaged bread first appeared in shops in 1928. And the popularity of “the best thing since sliced bread” suggests this innovation had flown off the shelves the minute it hit the market. But actually, the initial response was luke-warm, with people wary of this new product and resistant to changing their shopping and eating habits.

In 1930, Wonder Bread ran a marketing campaign which turned the tide: they used their brand to clearly communicate the benefits of sliced bread.

A brilliant idea, which had been trapped, was communicated in a way that set it free.

Suddenly, people bought in to this new product: profits surged, Wonderbread sales surpassed those of its competitors and the bread market changed forever.

Your idea will stay just that: your idea, unless you learn to communicate it effectively and share it with everyone.

People don’t like change. They’re suspicious of it, they like the status quo and making change requires effort.

Your job as a presenter is to show your audience WHY they should make that effort. Why the status quo is, in fact, rubbish compared to what COULD BE. How your idea will change their lives.

A brilliant presentation will persuade the audience to buy in to your idea. If you can’t communicate your ideas to people, your idea will not take off. Your start up won’t get the funding you need; your product won’t sell; you won’t get that new client.

Failure to communicate in business is a short-cut to failure.

Don’t sabotage your potential because you can’t communicate your ideas.

Passionate, powerful and inspiring communication is a critical part of your self-development, and more and more people are recognising this; you don’t want to get left behind.

My workshops will teach you to craft a brilliant presentation, using skill to open your audience up to your ideas and excite them enough to come with you on your journey.

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